Edgar Winter Group

edgar-winter-pictures-1974-ds-3067-016-lBand: Edgar Winter Group

Venue: The Gift Center, San Francisco, CA

Date: Oct 31, 1994

This show marks the first and, to date, only time I have ever attended the Exotic Erotic Ball. A venerable San Francisco tradition, the EEB was an event I had always heard (and wondered) about growing up but it wasn’t until I was living in The City during the mid-nineties that I mustered up the courage and motivation to get my Halloween freak on at the annual event. And to be completely honest with you, seeing the Edgar Winter Group perform that night was akin to eating an appetizer in a steak house. Sure, those potato skins may be tasty but you know you came for the porterhouse. And for the record, I think I remember the band played “Frankenstein” that night and that’s about it for them.

carnivalofsinAs for the rest of the spectacle known as the Exotic Erotic Ball, it’s one of those events that looks better in pictures than in person. For every scantily clad and sexily attired male or female “hottie” in attendance, there were easily three times as many similarly dressed “notties” slithering around the Gift Center that night. And that’s not to say that I was much better off: I recall dressing up as a super obscure literary anti-hero named Bernard Mickey Rangle from the Tom Robbins book Still Life with Woodpecker and being annoyed that no one knew who the hell I was. Props to my friends Traci and John who dressed up as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, complete with exit wound.

Other assorted and unpurgable memories from that night nearly fifteen years ago: An endless river of alcohol (more than I’d seen in five years as a frat boy). Girl on boy, girl on girl, boy on boy make-out sessions as far as the eye could see. More men with (pre-digital era) cameras than a paparazzi convention. A naked man on roller skates being dragged around the venue like a pull toy. (Process that one for a while, I still haven’t shaken it loose from my brain).

Umm, sorry. Lost focus. That’s all for this one.


2 Responses to “Edgar Winter Group”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I too have only have a very hazy memory of the EWG pounding out “Frankenstein” that night. I must’ve missed the human pull-toy, but the guy resembling Larry “Bud” Melman wearing only a giant diaper and a big pink pacifier around his neck is permanently (and unfortunately) etched upon my brain. I also remember the foursome dressed as Red Hot Chili Peppers wearing strategically-placed socks, and hanging out with a couple dressed as Micky and Mallory from “Natural Born Killers.” As they ushered us out of the place in the wee hours, I stopped to rest on a planter outside the venue as we tried to hail a cab and a police officer suspiciously eyeballing my track marks and surgical tubing (part of my Courtney Love costume)… and then drunken-Johnny getting in an argument with the taxi driver because the meter didn’t start at zero (he was a cab rookie at the time). Somehow we finally ended up back at the 38th street hide-a-bed… and with a monstrous hangover the next day….

  2. That’s 39th Ave. Tra…and I remember pulling up in the cab and you and John looking a LOT like the true Kurt and Courtney passed out in the cab of John’s truck. Me, I remember music playing w/ basically naked people on stage, very, very BAD tequila and getting separted from y’all with 1) no money 2) no keys 3) no ID as Tim had all three since I had no pockets. A bad situation at the end of night with a mean cop, SOMA by myself late and the Invisible Man giving me $20 for a cab to get back to the Cap house. (Someone called me at work the next week – I thanked him for the money. It wasn’t him. I said “yes it was – you were the invisible man!” and he said ‘I was the baby and you kissed me’ and I have absolutely no memory of that. Er…awkward…I blame the really bad tequila) Jason, I do remember you opening the door in your house attire like you had never even been out that night and being thankful you were up (or that we were able to wake you up) because otherwise I was wondering where I was going to be sleeping that night if I couldn’t rouse Tra/John…

    The Hangover was indeed evil the next day.

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