Steve Miller Band

steve-miller-bandBand: Steve Miller Band

Venue: Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA

Date: Summer 1990

Whenever I hear a Steve Miller song on the radio, I think about my college days at UC Davis. Bike circles, the Coffee House, the Grad, and Chem 194. But if I was to listen to Steve Miller’s Greatest Hits cd, a more specific, yet certainly less wholesome vision of my past filters into my hazy memory. Fraternity brothers, sticky green bud, bong hits, high. Ah, to be young and wasted. And with our stoner soundtrack dutifully playing in the background of each group gathering, the hits, both musically and inhaled, kept on coming.

steve_miller_act_300xWhen the fellas and I heard that the Steve Miller Band was coming to town over the summer, those of us who were still in Davis decided to attend the show. As cruel fate would have it, we were completely out of weed the day of the concert so we decided to pair up and scour the rapidly filling Cal Expo parking lot in hopes of finding anyone willing to sell us a bag, a joint, a bud, anything. All we were able to score was a pathetic excuse of a roach, which when we tried to smoke it, yielded barely one miniscule toke before turning into ash.

steve-miller-band1So, here we were, at arguably the summer’s biggest party this side of a Dead show, and my buddies and I were stone cold sober. But by the time Steve Miller hit the stage, my state of mind became a mere afterthought. As the band churned through hit after hit after hit, I began to take notice of the people singing and dancing around me. Men and women and children of all ages were grooving along to the music that warm summer evening, having the time of their lives. It was only then did I realize that I didn’t need to smoke anything to get high that night. All I needed was the music.

A joint would have been nice, too.


2 Responses to “Steve Miller Band”

  1. Sean M. Benedict Says:

    Lies! Damned lies!

    I spent my college days in prayer and quiet reflection.

    I don’t know you!

  2. I saw Steve Miller a couple of years ago when they headlined one of the KFOX concerts at the Shoreline – $9 for the lawn for Greg Kihn, George Thoroughgood and Steve Miller. I was disappointed with Steve Miller. Yeah, great catalogue and I suppose you could say age catches up, but George Thoroughgood put on such a great set beforehand it was literally a tough act to follow; so much that Edith and I agreed they should have switched the lineup because he was the highlight of the evening. GT just connected with the audience – SM came on and while the band played fine, I got cold sitting there – not good. I remember thinking it was like watching a bunch of guys who looked like they had just gone to the grocery store.

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